This was the word for today, is it a coincidence that I’m here today?     I hope not!

How do I tell my son or daughter that I love them, without actually opening the door for my son’s destructive behavior or my daughters hurtful words? Lord knows that at some point in my life I’ve at one time stood in almost the exact same place that each of them stands now.  Exactly,   I’ve been there, Is it a coincidence? I think not, they are on two entirely different ends of the spectrum, but I’ve stood in exactly the same places, I’ve hurt exactly the same people that they are hurting now. My mother, my children, you’d think it came from a book, an article someone wrote somewhere that explains why we do what we do, and why our children repeat those same patterns !  ‘Oh wait, it does come from books’ Do the books say how I’m supposed to act, I want to keep my doors closed, to keep out the hurt. I know that’s what I’ll do, at least for today. Read More


First blog post

Hi I’m a person that likes staying at home, I am happiest hiking with my dogs or creating. I am almost always either sewing or making jewlery. I love stones and rocks of all kinds. I love the look and feel of the stones I work on. I have way to high expectations of myself when working on stones. Very few have ever been good enough. I really have to work on this flaw in my character, as it holds me back. I have a hundred power tools and use most of them. I’ve laid my tile floor, my flagstone patio, and the walls of my bathroom. I’ve built cabinet’s, computers, block walls, shelving, and painted most of the walls in my house all by myself, (with a lot of, you tube videos). I’ve put in an osmosis water purifying system, as well as a garbage disposal, and new faucets and sinks. I am going to tackle shelves for my garage, as the last ones I put in fell down.😡😲(two or 3 times now)😉😁 I love learning how to do new things.